Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I am nearly 2 and a half years into living my dream of taking part in West African culture.  I've seen a lot, experienced a lot, done a lot.  So many times I find myself wishing I could share my experience with others in a meaningful way.  I wish my friends and family could experience along with me the joy, the humor, the rigor and everything else that comes my way each and every day as I traverse the rough road to work, haggle with market mammies or laugh and shake hands with my brothers and sisters.  Every morning I am cheerfully greeted as I walk out my front door and see the guard who is just ending his twelve hour shift for the 6th day in a row.  I jump into the Kia with my favorite Ghanaian pal who selflessly carries my load, reminds me to put on my seat belt and struggles to dodge the potholes so I don't spill my tea.  Throughout my work day I am surrounded by smiles and kisses of a multi-cultural, open-minded, self-motivated student body and cast of caring teachers.  At the end of a hard day, I am sure to pass a tro tro full of drummers, ride behind a truck bursting with water sachets that provide a napping pad for its navigator or buy a loaf of bread through the car window.  I field the stares, calls and giggles of little children who wish they could touch me to see if my skin feels different and squeal with delight at a simple wave.  In order to eat dinner I negotiate the price of tomatoes and when I arrive home I am always greeted with a welcome from one of the charming people to whom I pay a modest salary.  At days end, I wind down by playing music or dancing with friends, and even on the most rigorous of days, I fall into sleep with a smile.  Living here can be challenging, but those challenges are nearly always over ridden by the humor, passion, and loving kindness of the people by which I am surrounded.  I am thankful that they have accepted me as their Obroni, their sister, mother, auntie, boss and friend.

This is the beginning of my blog, my offer to you to share in my world.  Akwaaba, welcome, and enjoy!

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  1. YAY B!!! I am so excited to be able to read about your expeiences. It sounds, and looks amazing. I always check out your pictures, and make up my own stories, now I will get the actual stories! I hope all is well. xo -melissa